Self-fulfillment and happiness come in many forms, as a beauty pageant contestant seeks to remind her followers of that with a viral TikTok video depicting her humble life.

Lita Hendratno was a finalist at Miss Indonesia 2018 who represented Southeast Sulawesi. While beauty queens often go on to live glamorous and exciting lives by most people’s standards, Lita decided to become a full-time mother and wife, living a simple life in Makassar.

This week, Lita became viral on social media after she posted a video on her TikTok, @familytimeindonesia, of her wearing a daster (loose-fitting house dress) and a hijab while accompanying her children playing on an odong-odong (mini car). The video then transitions into photos of Lita in her beauty pageant days, while her captions say that she has no regrets leaving it all behind for her two beautiful children.

@familytimeindonesia Terima Kasih Ya Tuhan MasyaAllah Tabarakallah #videokeluarga #familytimeindonesia ♬ suara asli – Yessi Handa

In three days, the video has been viewed more than 10 million times and has received mostly praise, particularly towards her “emak berdaster” energy, which refers to mothers who prefer comfort over style.

In the comments, many Indonesian women said they relate with Lita’s gratitude for her simple family life.

“I’m going through this, too. I want to return to my career but I can’t bear the thought of leaving my children,” one user wrote, to which Lita replied, “Chin up, there will be a time for it.”

“I feel this so much. Hugs to all the amazing moms out there,” another user commented.

Some, however, felt that Lita did not have to waste her potential and beauty.

“I take pity [on Lita]. Being a great mother doesn’t mean neglecting self-care. I hope you continue to look after yourself and your children,” one user advised.

Lita addressed these concerns in a follow up video, saying that she prefers to spend the family’s money on the children’s needs rather than her own.

You do you, ladies. Daster or otherwise.

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